The 2019 Third Dragonfly International Music Festival (DIMF) and the Dragonfly International Youth Music Competition will take place in Tianjin, China from August 10 to 18, 2019. The festival will include three instrumental majors: violin, classical saxophone, and piano. World-class musicians will be teaching in and leading the festival in creating one of the most prestigious classical music festivals in China. This year, the festival will feature a new aspect, the Teacher Training Program, where nationally and internationally-renowned music educators introduce a series of training courses in early childhood and general music pedagogy. Teachers nationwide can learn about and benefit from these prominent methodologies. Amidst the busy course schedule of the festival, tours have also been arranged for students to visit the Qianshan Panshan scenic area in Tianjin. Praised by Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty that “If one had known about Panshan, why would one have needed to travel to Jiangnan?” to describe its beauty, students can enjoy cool relieve the mountains bring in the hot summer days of August. Participants can also visit iconic scenic locations of Jincheng, such as Haihe River and Fifth Avenue (Wudadao).

As in previous years, the festival has designed one-on-one lessons, masterclasses, lectures on music and the arts, as well as chamber music coachings and ensemble lessons for the students with the goal of developing a cohesive and an all-rounded education. In addition, the 2019 Dragonfly International Music Festival will be holding the Dragonfly International Youth Music Competition and the Oleh Krysa International Violin Competition Preliminaries (China region). The competitions provide a platform for musicians of both professional and non-professional levels of all age groups to interact through competitions and musical exchanges. The professional group/youth category of the violin competition of DIMF also serves as the China regional preliminary round of the 2019 Oleh Krysa International Violin Competition, where the winner will proceed through the preliminary round and be directly accepted to the live competition round in Ukraine. In the 2018 DIMF, two students, upon their display of excellent performances, received the approval of jury member Mr. Oleh Krysa in person and have been invited to participate in the live competition round in Ukraine in October 2019. This year, participants will enjoy the same opportunities.

Mr. Yu Heng, famous Chinese violin collector, and his Yu Foundation will continue to serve as the organization that provides instrumental support for the 2019 DIMF. The foundation will provide prestigious instruments as support to winners who qualify for the 3rd Oleh Krysa International Violin Competition of the 2019 DIMF, in helping them to deliver their best performance at the live round in Ukraine. Mr. Yu has expressed that the foundation holds a collection of more than 30 fine Italian instruments of which these winners may choose from. Wishing the best to all participants of the 2019 DIMF!

Note: The 2019 DIMF is the sole organizer of the 3rd Oleh Krysa International Violin Competition Preliminaries (China region). Only participants of the music festival can participate in this live qualifying round and the opportunity to receive instrumental support from the Yu Foundation.



Education Director: Bin Huang, Chien-Kwan Lin

Artistic Consultant: Lianfa Gao, Guan Wenning Guan, Heng Wang, Wanqi Feng

Artistic Director: Shengming Liang

Co-Artistic Director: Zoe Yucong Wang, Jiaqi Zhao

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The music festival includes the following courses:


 (Events are subjected to their relevance to different majors)

  • One-on-one lessons with nationally and internationally-renowned experts

  • Chamber music lessons with national and international pedagogues

  • Dragonfly International Youth Music Competition

  • DIMF faculty concert

  • Student recitals and performances

  • 8 music lectures

  • More than 10 masterclasses by world-class artists

  • Teacher Training Program series for early childhood music education and pedagogy

  • Piano accompaniment (students may also provide their own accompanists, with any costs to be self-funded)

  • Translations for lessons taught in English language


(click on the instrument icons to learn more about the faculty)

Violin Faculty

Saxophone Faculty

Piano Faculty


International Violin Faculty

Paganini & Jacques-Thibaud Gold Prize Winners

(names not listed in any particular order)

Professor of Violin, Eastman School of Music

Chair of Jury, Oleh Krysa International Violin Competition

First Prize Winner, Paganini International Violin Competition in 1963

Oleh Krysa

Professor of Violin, Conservatoire National de Region de Versailles

Chair of Jury, Yankelevich International Violin Competition

First Prize Winner, Jacques-Thibaud International Violin Competition in 1975

Alexandre Brussilovsky

Professor of Violin, Hochschule für Musik, "Hanns Eisler" Berlin

First Prize Winner, Paganini International Violin Competition in 2006

Feng Ning

Prize Winner of 7 Major International Violin Competitions

Chair, String and Wind Department, China Conservatory of Music

Education Director, DIMF

First Prize Winner, Paganini International Violin Competition in 1994

Bin Huang

Professor of Violin, Trieste Conservatory of Music

First Prize Winner, Paganini International Violin Competition in 1997

Giovanni Angeleri

National (China) Violin Faculty 

(names listed in alphabetical order)

Professor of Violin, Shanghai Conservatory of Music

Director, Shanghai Conservatory International String Center

Xian He

Teaching Assistant of Prof. Oleh Krysa

Artistic Director, DIMF

Shengming Liang

Professor of Violin, Sichuan Conservatory of Music

Visiting Scholar, Eastman School of Music

Fei Wang

Doctor of Musical Arts, Eastman School of Music

Wendy Toh

Professor of Violin, Tianjin Conservatory of Music

Chair, Tianjin Violin Association

Lianfa Gao

Professor of Violin, China Conservatory of Music

Chair, Violin and Viola Department

Hui Jin

Professor of Violin, Jiangsu Normal University

Member, Jiangsu Chamber Music Association

Jian Liu

Instructor of Violin, Zhejiang Conservatory of Music

Huiming Wen

Professor of Violin, Tianjin Conservatory of Music

Director, Tianjin Youth Violin  Education Association

Wenning Guan

Professor of Violin, Shengyang Conservatory of Music

Chair, Violin and Viola Department 

Xiaoyu Li

Professor of Violin, Tianjin Conservatory of Music

Chair, Violin and Viola Department

Ke Qu

Instructor of Violin, Central Conservatory of Music

Prize Winner, Indianapolis International Violin Competition 

Haoming Xie

International Saxophone Faculty


Professor of Saxophone, Eastman School of Music

Director, Eastman Saxophone Project

Chien-Kwan Lin

First Prize Winner, Adolphe Saxophone International Competition

Nikita Zimin

First Prize Winner, Adolphe Saxophone International Competition

First Prize Winner, Londeix International Saxophone Competition

Alexandre Doisy

Professor of Saxophone, University of Music at Graz (Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Graz)

Gerald Preinfalk

National (China) Saxophone Faculty 

(names listed in alphabetical order)

Instructor of Saxophone, Zhongyuan Culture and Art University

Instructor of Saxophone, Henan Vocational College of Art

Zihao Feng

Professor of Saxophone, Tianjin Conservatory of Music

Artistic Director, DIMF - Saxophone Festival

Heng Wang

Master of Music, Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris

Aiwen Zhang

Professor of Saxophone, Shandong Conservatory of Art

Zhiyuan Li

Instructor of Saxophone, Soochow University School of Music

Yusheng Xue

Instructor of Saxophone, Roberts Wesleyan College

Teaching Assistant, Eastman School of Music

Kevin Jiaqi Zhao

Instructor of Saxophone, Zhejiang Conservatory of Music

Yang Lou

Professor of Saxophone, Central Conservatory of Music

Tong Yang

International Piano Faculty


Winner, Robert Schumann International Piano Competition

Professor of Piano, Conservatoire National de Region de Versailles

Kei Saotome

Winner, Louisiana International Piano Competition

Professor of Piano, Soochow University School of Music

Misha Namirovsky

National (China) Piano Faculty 

Associate Chair, Keyboard Department, Middle School of Tianjin Conservatory

Wanqi Feng

Collaborative Piano Faculty, Tianjin Conservatory of Music

Yingyu Piao

Doctor of Musical Arts, Eastman School of Music

Instructor of Piano, Skidmore College

Shichao Zhang

Chair, Piano Department, Tianjin Vocational College of Music

Director, Tianjin Musician Association

Bin Jia

Composer/Collaborative Pianist, Eastman School of Music

Co-Artistic Director, DIMF

Zoe Yucong Wang

Instructor of Piano, Tianjin Conservatory of Music

Feng Zhang

Doctor of Musical Arts, Eastman School of Music

Lecturer, Art Department, Zhejiang University

Xi Chen


2018 Dragonfly International Music Festival

Oleh Krysa International Violin Competition (Preliminary Round)


Participants of the 3rd DIMF can choose to sign up for the International Youth Music Competition held within the festival. The competition is divided into three majors: violin, piano, and saxophone, as well as two categories: professional and non-professional. The competition jury will consist of artists-in-residence from the festival and prestigious educators from the national and international scene. Competitors of all ages may participate in the competition according to their personal circumstances. For details, please refer to the 2019 Dragonfly International Youth Music Competition Handbook.

The violin professional youth category of the competition also serves as the sole preliminary round worldwide for the 3rd Oleh Krysa International Violin Competition held in Ukraine in 2019. The winners of the violin youth category of the competition will be selected as direct qualifiers, moving through the recording rounds to Ukraine to participate in the live competition round of the Oleh Krysa International Violin Competition. All the winners of the competition will receive a certificate, and selected winners will receive a 2020 Dragonfly Arts Festival Scholarship and the opportunity to perform with faculty at the 2020 Dragonfly Arts Festival. 

*Note: The jury of the competition reserves the right to select candidates to participate in the Oleh Krysa International Violin Competition based on the participants’ performances.

Oleh Krysa International Violin Competition China Preliminaries: Please refer to the public homepage for more information.







No. 1 Rongyuan Rd.

Huayuan New Tech. Industrial Park

Nankai District




                      VIOLIN MAJOR:  US$1,580 (including room and board) 

                      SAXOPHONE MAJOR:  US$1,150 (including room and board) 

                      PIANO MAJOR:  US$1,150 (including room and board) 


  •         2 lessons of one-on-one instruction with international faculty

  •         2 lessons of one-on-one instruction with national faculty

  •         3 chamber music lessons (participants will be assigned to duos, quartets or orchestra accordingly)

  •         Concert tickets to faculty concert

  •         Performances on student recitals

  •         Dragonfly International Youth Music Competition (choice to participate)

  •         Attending opening and closing ceremonial concerts

  •         8 music lectures

  •         More than 10 masterclasses by national and international artists

  •         Piano accompaniment

  •         Certificate of Completion

  •         English translation for lessons

EXTRA LESSON(S): US$180 per lesson


Private lessons included in the tuition package will be assigned by the organizing committee. For additional lessons, participants can request for specific teachers- please indicate such request in the registration form, and the organizing committee will manage the requests of the students according to the order of registration submissions.


*Note: Cancellations of registrations prior to July 10, 2019 will receive a 50% refund. Cancellations of registrations after July 10 will not be refunded.



Amidst the busy course schedule, the festival will organize a day trip to the Panshan Mountain scenic area in Tianjin. The night view of Haihe River, the exotic Fifth Avenue (Wudadao), and the food culture of Tianjin will leave the students with unforgettable memories.




I. Fill in your application

Please download the application form below and fill in the application by

May 1, 2019

II. Submit your application

Send your completed application form and a headshot to:

The organizing committee will send you a confirmation email upon receiving your application form.

III. Pay your tuition fees

Step 1: Pay tuition through PayPal. Please specify the student's name and date of birth when transferring the money.

Our PayPal info:


Remittee: Shengming Liang

Step 2: Please send a screenshot of PayPal remittance to the organizing committee via email.

*Note: if you are unable to pay tuition with PayPal, please contact DIMF committee when you submit your application.

IV. Confirmation from us

Receiving a confirmation email from the DIMF committee will affirm that your registration is successful.


For international students only: if you are a non-Chinese citizen, you will need to apply for a Chinese tourist visa. Please contact the Organizing Committee via email for visa-supporting documents and invitation letter:

For more information about 2019 DIMF

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